Courses Terms & Conditions - The Holistic Therapy Centre
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Courses Terms & Conditions

Enrolling for, and being accepted on, a course at the school both the student and the school agree to the following terms.


Students agree to:

  1. Pay the full course fees, any extra tuition fees and any examination re-sit fees as and when requested.
  2. Attend all scheduled sessions or make up any hours missed at the discretion of the tutor.
  3. Maintain reasonable punctuality.
  4. Complete the home assignments on time.
  5. Carry out required number of recorded treatments.
  6. Complete all required case studies.
  7. Wear suitable clothing when attending class, for practical examination and when treating clients.
  8. Provide complete confidentiality for clients.
  9. Adhere to the industry codes of practice & ethics

The Therapy Centre School agrees to:

  1. Provide full details of all course fees and any additional costs before enrolment.
  2. Provide a course to meet the standards of VTCT & the industry.
  3. Provide a suitable venue and sufficient safe equipment for students to use.
  4. Arrive punctually for sessions and end each session on time within reason.
  5. Not to change session dates (unless due to extenuating circumstances) without prior negotiation and agreement with students.
  6. Give adequate notice of any unavoidable change of venue.
  7. Provide adequate teaching and guidance to all students without prejudice.
  8. Arrange times when tutors will be available for students to contact between sessions.
  9. Prepare students for examination.
  10. Enter students for the examinations when all requirements of the course have been fulfilled and notify them of the results within eight weeks of the final examination date.
  11. Adhere to the industry codes of practice & ethics