Paula Lloyd - The Holistic Therapy Centre
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Paula Lloyd

 As the founder and proprietor of the Retreat and The School, with ten years professional practitioner experience, I hope to share with others my enthusiasm and knowledge, gained through my own search for wellbeing. I am an approved tutor for the Association of Reflexologists and run the ARC Reflexology Professional Training Courses.


My parents discovered Complementary and alternative therapies when I was just a baby due to my fathers extreme eczema and related asthma. After being bedridden for most of his childhood and early adult life he and my mother were advised by a friend to seek alternative help. After radically changing his diet, he was free from his symptoms for the first time, and totally clear of all symptoms within a year! Nutrition and homeopathy and naturopathy played a major roll in our lives from that point on.


My mother began training as a Reflexologist and Aromatherapist in 1983 and set up ARC Reflexology school in 1996. After training I began assisting in teaching the practical and some of the theory for my mothers school from the outset. On opening the Centre we obtained an AOR (Association of Reflexologists) accreditation and held Arc Reflexology training school there also from the outset.


I opened the therapy centre in September 2002 in my fathers memory. He was an active member of CND and was chairman for some time. He had also founded the Bromley peace council, meetings of which are still held quarterly at The Therapy Centre. He organised a very successful festival in the Library Gardens for world peace and a torchlit vigil for John lennon on Martins Hill with the planting of a tree. He was also an avid environmentalist.